Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what to do.. hahaha

haha sungguh bosan yer di uma
im done wit my diploma
n now dok ngangkang kat uma..
xkan la asik nk jd maid n driver je kan?
hehe nk bisnes tp modal tarak..
so kene la bkerja kan?
stat 2day, misi mencari kerja bersame shafeqa haha...
haha name fb die mmg cm tu kot.. :)
aiyakkk nk cri keje nk cri keje...

taking back my LOVE.. 5.5.10

syg, thanx 4 evrything and thanx coz at last
u realized how deep my love to u syg..
and thanx to Allah SWT coz gve the 2nd chance for
us to rebuild this relationship...
and for this time, i trust u b and the only
thing i can do for u is gve u a 2nd chance....
and this is for u b, i'll awaz be beside u,
until the very end,
wiping all ur tears away,
being ur besfren,
i'll smile when u smile and feel all the pain u do,
n if u cry a single tear, i promise ill cry too...
i believe in wat people says
For me, people tend 2 make mistake, hence giving a 2nd chance is the best way in 4giving them..
1 more thing, i believe in wat people say, " if u love something, let it go. if it comes back to u, its yours forever... if it doesnt, then it was never meant to be"